Understanding of utils


I would like to know more about the below library or code from where the functions are imported

from lab_utils_uni import plt_intuition, plt_stationary, plt_update_onclick, soup_bowl

I could not find these functions in the lab_utils_uni.py . Are the above ones specific to some python library. If so, could you please share some resources to explore more on them?

Hello @vinay6

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These are user-defined functions and should be available in the helper file - lab_utils_uni.py

Could you please check the file once again.

Thank you,
I have misunderstood the file with the common file. Thanks!

Hi. How can I import the lab_utils_uni if I want to work on my local machine? I would also like to learn more about how this user-defined functions work.

Hi @eschiappa !

The lab files can be downloaded by selecting Lab Files at the top right. Then download all files. The Util files should be part of the download.