How to move on with my learning

I have finished the specialization and I really dont know where to go from here as I want to precede with my career as a deep learning engineer,
Can anyone offer some advice ,please.


Some TensorFlow courses would be useful. I do not have any specific suggestions.
You might sign up for Kaggle and build your skills on some of their activities.

Hello Os1,

My main advices would be:

  • reach out to DL engineers, talk to them. Ask them what is their typical workday, what they like about the job, the struggles they have. It will help you better project yourself in that career
  • Think about a domain in which you could apply your DL skills. Are you interested in finance ? In health ? Explore the domains that interest you then see how DL could help to solve some of their specific challenges. It is the best way to give meaning to your learning journey and fuel it
  • do personal projects combining DL + a domain that interest you. Iterate on your ideas to find the sweet spot between “what is feasible for me ?” And “what do I find cool ?”. Dont underestimate yourself, but also dont aim for projects too big at the beginning. The goal is to create victories for yourself and have fun.

Overall, this means thinking more in terms of “application” than “technical skills”. The latter will follow naturally.

God speed !


Yeah same! I was thinking of doing some CV projects now but don’t know where to start. Any specific suggestions please?

I learned a tremendous amount by doing my own scratch implementation of YOLO v2 and training it myself. Well, attempting to anyway. Really learned all the nooks and crannies of the code, learned about data augmentation and dealing with training sets too large to fit in memory, did a lot of analysis on the data and the predictions and why I wasn’t seeing the accuracy I expected. Learning to reverse engineer when things looked sketchy is something these courses never really force you to do. It was really educational. If you can combine that kind of deep dive on an architecture with the well made recommendation from @Srbd about a domain that interests you, I think you’ll have a roadmap for a good self learning journey, and something to post on github when you’re ready.

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Yeah this sounds reasonable to begin with…Thanks a lot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have the same problem here and I am thinking of a suggestion. Can we have a small community or group for sharing and extending our theory, projects, ideas to improve our skills?


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