How to proceed after this course

Hi I had a question. After doing this course can anyone suggest what projects should I be doing to delve deeper and get expert into these core concepts like lora, rlhf etc. Any suggestions for example projects will be appreciated. My aim is to build real life scalable applications for users. Thank you!

Hi Shaunak,

To delve deeper into these core concepts and build expertise, I suggest starting with small projects that you can deploy using tools like Gradio or Streamlit. These platforms are great for creating interactive demos and sharing your work.

Consider exploring Hugging Face for pre-trained models and inspiration. Think about projects that are meaningful to you and address real-world problems.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the concepts taught in the course. Once you’re comfortable, try implementing more complex projects such as:

  • A chatbot using reinforcement learning for human feedback (RLHF)
  • Fine-tuning language models with LoRA for specific tasks
  • Building scalable applications using pre-trained transformers

These projects will help you apply what you’ve learned and gain practical experience.