How to ramp up tensor flow quickly?

I don’t have much tensor flow experience so I stuck at week 1 lab 2 where it requires a lot of tensorflow coding without providing much guidance or tutorial. Can someone tell me how to ramp up tensor flow quickly so that I can complete lab 2?


Hi @Ning_Kong,

I remember when I was a learner, I had no prior knowledge of TensorFlow, or Python for that matter, but the instructions and hints provided in the assignment were more than enough for me to complete them.

If you still believe you need more than what the instructions provide, you can either YouTube the Tensorflow material or take our introductory specialisation on the frame work, DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate.


DLS Course 2 covered the basics of TensorFlow.

In addition to the other suggestions, here’s a thread on the forums that gives a nice introduction to the TF/Keras Sequential and Functional APIs, which should help a lot with that assignment.

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