New updated courses

I have completed course 4 week 1 which was on tensor flow and was understandable. After that course got updated . Now week 1 assignment introduced keras. I am new to keras and i find the new assignment bit too complex ,as i can’t figure out how to use keras and hints are not helping me out. I request to help me out in keras where to learn (not assignment). i cant affort for a course for learning keras.

Hi @thepak: I can sympathize with some of the confusion.

One of the big changes made with TensorFlow 2 was to move to having the keras interface as the main interface to TensorFlow. So it can help to just think of the Keras references as just being “TensorFlow 2”.

There are quite a few introductions to the Keras/TF2interface. My personal favorite is not free: the book Deep learning with Python by Francois Chollet, the designer of Keras. And of course there is the official documentation, which by Course 4 you should be ready to readl

If you like to watch talks, Francois Chollet gave this talk about Keras to staff at Google. You can find various other talks by him on Youtube.

Laurence Moroney, who works at Google promoting Tensorflow, has produced quite a few talks you can find with a search, and has some notebooks available on GitHub.

I hope these pointers help you to find the guidance you want. One problem with studying leading edge R&D topics is that things change rapidly!