How to report typos and small inaccuracies in the course?

Hey community! I’m on a second course of MLS and keep noticing small typos/inaccuracies here and there. Should I be reporting those findings in this forum or there is a better place? Is there any criteria to determine what’s worthy a report vs not? Is there a way to submit “PRs” to the lab notebooks and see “pending PRs” to avoid duplicates?

Most recent example: in C2_W1_Lab02_CoffeeRoasting_TF optional lab, there is a statement “In the compile statement above, the number of epochs was set to 10.”, where a more accurate statement would be “In the statement above, the number of epochs was set to 10.”

You can report any issues you find by using the forum for that course.

The mentors can submit support tickets to the course staff.

Depending on the severity of the issue, it will be acted upon either right away, soon, somewhat later, or maybe never.

Typos tend to fall in the last two categories.