C1_W3_Logistic Regression Submission Issue

I’m having an issue that I am not able to submit my lab assignment due to a typo in a cell that is not changeable by me.

Two questions here:

  1. Is there any way I can reset my programming assignment page and retry with the bug fixed?
  2. Is there any way a manager receive my programming answers and mark them by hand?

I’ll appreciate your help.

  1. Do not embed a comment starting with # inside a block comment. Just delete those two lines you added.

  2. No, the course staff cannot manually grade your work.

I’m not able to make a change in the cell. I assume it wasn’t designed to be modified by a user.

The “running gradient descent” text must have gotten in there somehow while you had the notebook open. It not like that in the archive copy.

You can change the metadata for that cell so you can edit it:

  • Select the cell by left-click.
  • Go to “View → Cell Toolbar → Edit Metadata”
    Then you will see this:

Click on the “Edit Metadata” button.

You will see a little text box - change the “editable” parameter to true. Then click “Edit” to save the changes.

Now you can edit that cell.

You are my lifesaver. I have no idea how the text has gotten into the cell. Thank you so much for your help!