How to run the code locally?

I have downloaded the workspace and installed Anaconda.
I launched the Jupyter Notebook in Anaconda, then I opened the downed file in Jupyter Notebook. But when I run the code, it shows me some errors. I assume it is something related to the setup environment. But I am not sure what to do.

If you know how to solve this issue, I would really appreciate your kind help.
Many thanks in advance.

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The error sugegsts that you are trying to import a module that wasn’t installed. It could be a typo too.

Also i notice that public_tests it is different then public_test

take a look at the package documentation:

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That version of public test is just some random thing off the internet that has no necessary relationship to the courses here. They provide a very specific file called with each assignment here in DLS, as you can see from reading the actual exception trace provided here. In this particular assignment, for some reason, they have not included the test utility files required as a separate local “py” file. It looks like they did it this way everyplace in Course 2. If you go to any of the assignments in DLS Course 1, you’ll find that there is a local file which has the functions being imported here. You’ll need to edit the file to import from the new local file once you download it.

Also note as a general matter that there is no “official” support for running in other environments: it’s too much of a pain to have to deal with all possible cases that someone might hit in a whacky environment. So if you’re going to play this game, then you need to have the “chops” to solve problems like this in general. Of course it never hurts to try asking on the forum and maybe you get lucky and someone else has stepped on the same landmine and can offer help. But if no answer is forthcoming, then sorry, but we can’t guarantee a fix for all possible problems you may hit.


Thank you so much for your support @paulinpaloalto

Thank you so much Sir. I will try to download this py file and import it. Thank you for the information and your kind help!

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Hi @elirod thank you so much for the discussion!

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You welcome @lu.wan

Hey @lu.wan,

Check this out.


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