How to run jupyter notebooks in local?

I have saved the jupyter notebooks provided in the course, but I am not able to run them in local. I am trying to run them in visual studio code.

Hi, @Rajeswary_N can you please share the error message?

Setup error like No module named ‘numpy’ or ‘matplotlib’. Do you know about what setup to do in local environment, and what IDE could be best, to run this in local?

Running the notebooks locally would mean that you have to install all the needed dependencies first.

Your errors could mean two things:

  • You have not installed in your system matplotlib and numpy. This can be solved by: pip install numpy, pip install matplotlb
  • If matplotlib and numpy are installed, then the system cannot find the path to these libraries.

The IDE should not matter at all

I tried to install python, it turned out that I had python3. So, used pip3 to install numpy and matplotlib. It is now stuck at "No module named ‘lab_utils_uni’ ". file named is present in the same directory. Is there something I can do?

I closed and reopened the file. It is working now. Thank you for your guidance.

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Just use anaconda