Module not found error


We encourage learners to complete the assignments/labs on coursera, if you see this message while you are working them on coursera, please let me know.

If you are running the code locally, lab_utils_uni is a supporting .py file provided by the courses, so you can’t pip install it. You can go back to coursera, open that assignment / lab, then on the jupyter notebook interface, either (1) click “File” > “Open” to open the file explorer to find the file, or (2) on the top right corner click “Lab Files” then look for the file, or just click “Download all files”.



Hello Raymond,
I tried to open the file from the jupyter notebook but it opened the lab itself and still I can’t get the output (errors are shown)

Hi @Ashraf_Abbas,

Are you working on the lab on coursera? We encourage you to use coursera as we only tested the labs there. If you want to keep a full copy of lab files, you may go to coursera, then to the lab, then on top right corner of the jupyter notebook interface, click “Lab Files”, and click “Download all files”.

You did not talk about what errors are shown, and “downloading all files” as instructed above will only get you modules written by the course team, but not other python packages being used by the course. Therefore, if you have downloaded all the files, and if you have run the jupyter notebook among the downloaded files (without moving any files from their original locations), and still see a Module not found error which indicates that a certain python package is missing, then you may google about how to install the package and install it. You may need to repeat these steps until all required packages are installed.

If you are unable to install any python packages, or cannot setup a working environment to run the code even you have installed all required packages, I recommend you to work on your lab on coursera, and only download the files for backup purpose.