Week1 optional lab: cost function

The code in optional lab runs without a problem.
But when i copied them and want to run them on Spyder, i was told that:
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘lab_utils_uni’
So what does that mean? Should I install some Module?

I downloaded the file which name is:
and tried to run it on my Jupyter.
But it seems there is still a problem:
No Module named ‘lab_utils_uni’
Does that mean this module was inserted on the optional lab Only?
Where can i download this module?

I think you don’t have that file. This file is located on the Jupyter notebook that you open on that link. If you want to run it locally you have to find that file and also copy it on the same folder as the one you are running.

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Hello Alex, you can download all files provided by the course for the lab by (1) opening the lab on coursera, (2) click “Lab Files” button on the upper right, (3) click “Download all files”. This is how we can backup the lab.


How to fix this error

error on this line as well

“no module utils_uni”
installed that lab files… still not working

Hello @Manie_Kansal,

Please check this out.