How to troubleshoot this code? Thanks

Why this line code is error? (This is:C2_W1_Assignment)


from public_tests import *


Please always post a screen capture image showing any errors or assert messages - not a text copy-and-paste.

Are you running the notebook from the Coursera Labs environment using your browser?

Also, did you run all of the cells above that one that throws the error?

You must run all of the cells every time you load the notebook.

yes, I did ran couple times and still kept giving me error.

yes, I ran the notebook on Coursera Labs

The error shown in your assert explains the problem.

Your for the sequential model in the previous cell is incorrect.

But my output cell came out same as expected output

you are right about my previous cell incorrect. I got it working now. Thanks


I’m getting the same error, I don’t see where the function “test_c1” is defined in any of the files??

Go to the File menu.
Open “”.
The test_c1() function is defined there.