C2_W1_Assignment error with "model"

Hello everyone, I have a problem with this lab, I completed all 3 tasks, all the tests say that everything is correct and all the code in the lab also runs, but when it comes to checking, errors appear and the score is not saved

Hi @wenitwa
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Checking the error message, it seems there is an issue in your cell #7. It says there is a ‘model’ variable being used but not defined. Please double-check your code and fix this pointed issue.
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please tell me how to return the practical one to its original state

@wenitwa, are you running the grading process through Coursera Labs? Or are you trying to do this on a local server?

Hello @wenitwa,

I think you are probably right that you need the original state of the notebook, because the code that triggered the error should be in Cell #8. It being in Cell #7 is an indication that a previous code cell goes missing either because it was deleted or it was converted from a code cell to another type of cell. In fact, the original code cell #7 is an exercise that defines the variable model.


We cannot just revert part of a notebook to its original state, but we can get a fresh copy of the notebook. Here are the steps. Note that the steps will ask you to rename your current notebook before the system can give you a fresh one, but renaming it also means that both your current and the fresh ones will be kept.