How to use RAG and fine tune huge database example MagngoDB ,AWS RDS to build query bot regarding that database

how to build the query bot , from the database . How to use RAG and fine tune the huge database .
example a company is using application where all the data are stored in MangoDB atlas .they use MangoDB as their data based . to build bot for the application ,it should get the data from that data base
please kindly give the workflow

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I am trying to understand your question. Could you please elaborate it a bit more?
This Bot is to fine-tune a database? or to learn from this “database” and provide information to the users?

You need to decide are you doing a
RAG pipeline using your data and an LLM or
Fine tuning an LLM using your data

I highly suggest 1st approach, please refer the sql agent example under langchain cookbook.

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