I am having issue with my chrome browser not able to open my webcam to take the training images

Hi @Deepti_Prasad.

As discussed via DMs. First of all just follow the steps I mentioned here.

To pass the assignment, follow all these steps in Brackets:

You can just run the HTML code, not JS. Please, do following in this order:

  1. Click on the file “C1_W4_Assignment.js” in the folder
  2. Check, if you see your own code in the place where “YOUR CODE HERE” is written. If yes, got to step 4
  3. If you don’t see your own code there, use copy/paste your code from the file you shared with me (or just replace the file in the folder by this file to save time). Then repeat step 1
  4. If you see your code, perfect and we can continue
  5. Then click in the Bracket to the file marked with (2) - “rpsls.html”
  6. Run the code by pressing the top right button

Let me know the result.
BR Honza

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