I am having issue with my chrome browser not able to open my webcam to take the training images

Hello Mentors of TF Data and Deployment,

Please only mentors of TF Data and Deployment reply as you would have better idea about what my issue might be related to.

I am currently trying to do Course 1 Week 4 Assignment where in I completed my codes and ran on the web chrome browser which eventually should lead me to the page where cam should be able to take images for rock, paper and scissor, but at this stage, my camera doesn’t open in the web chrome browser nor does it show any issue of camera issue. So probably I am doing something wrong I don’t know. Can anyone who has done the assignment help me please.

Thank you

Hi @Deepti_Prasad.

As discussed via DMs. First of all just follow the steps I mentioned here.

To pass the assignment, follow all these steps in Brackets:

You can just run the HTML code, not JS. Please, do following in this order:

  1. Click on the file “C1_W4_Assignment.js” in the folder
  2. Check, if you see your own code in the place where “YOUR CODE HERE” is written. If yes, got to step 4
  3. If you don’t see your own code there, use copy/paste your code from the file you shared with me (or just replace the file in the folder by this file to save time). Then repeat step 1
  4. If you see your code, perfect and we can continue
  5. Then click in the Bracket to the file marked with (2) - “rpsls.html”
  6. Run the code by pressing the top right button

Let me know the result.
BR Honza

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Thank @Honza_Zbirovsky

I wouldn’t have been able to complete this assignment without the help of you.

Issue which was creating problem were

I was not using the latest version of bracket which is 2.2
I had a unit code error which I corrected.
the third most annoying error because of which I was stuck for so long was my browser was not able to read the code I had written. Turns out the cache history needs to be deleted and voila I completed the assignment.

I should be honest there was a time when I wanted to give up and take a break, but Honza didn’t let me give up and I completed my assignment.

Thank you Learnt so much today from you sir!!!


Thank you for your kind words @Deepti_Prasad