I am looking for a job of ML/DL in Germany (remote world wide or Hamburg)


I was a mobile developer and in 2017 I started learning ML/DL by myself. Currently, I am looking for a job in ML/DL. Hopefully, someone can give hint about that. I take it seriously and am ready to go for it. Thank you.


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Hi @Chris.X

I suggest you post your links to your linkedin / github to aid anyone hiring take a quick look at your full profile

Also note: you are less likely to get a job offer on this forum as it it composed mainly of people learning AI rather than working on it, such as yourself

In my experience, the best places to search for a job are:

  • linkedin search using boolean search (link to boolean search: Using Boolean Search on LinkedIn | LinkedIn Help)
  • asking friends / colleagues who work at desirable companies if there are any vacancies that may not yet be listed (a lot of initial interviews happen via word of mouth in the office). You can check where your friends / colleagues / peers / acquaintances work with linkedin as well

Good luck !