I am looking for my final year project ideas in artificial intelligence, but am having trouble in finding a problem to solve. So i need ideas for this

one idea we have is about ai phsycologist but we need help in finding a dataset to train

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One rising usecase of LLMs are in the field of medical science. You can choose a problem statement that streamline the process of taking medical history of patient and providing a summary to doctor. You can additionally fine tune a model to provide diagnosis to the doctor. Doctors can benefit from such tools as it would help them save time and if the model is well trained on a quality dataset it might even provide some good insights.

Hope you found it useful. All the best.

Azamali – I have not researched where the data is for it but for the psych AI how about serial killers?? Everyone seems to be interested in it and you could build a Profiling AI that law enforcement could use… there must be a TON of info out there on it.

abhi-akshat – yes I was thinking along those lines as well with maybe a breast cancer ai. If you could get anonymous images I think it would be an awesome AI. I am not sure about the HIPPA laws though, even though it would be anonymous.

food for thought,

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