I believe there is a mistake in week 2 quiz

Week 2, question 7:

The expected answer is : “Increasing Beta will shift the red line slightly to the right”

I believe it is a mistake, and decreasing beta will shift the line to the right.
The formula is : v_t = beta * v_(t-1) + (1 - beta) * Theta_t

The more you increase beta, the more weight you give to the history, and less to the new samples.
The history is in the left, new samples on the right…

If we decrease beta to 0, all the weight goes to the new samples, and then it is shifted to the right

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Hi, @diman.

Please be careful not to post the answer to the question :slight_smile:

Check the example from the lecture to get a better intuition. Think about how fast or slow the curve reacts to changes depending on the value of \beta. This is what causes the shift.

Good luck with the quiz!