I can,t understand this error - DLS Course 2 week 2 Assignment

DLS Course 2 week 2 Assignment
i think my code is correct but i got error :

i think this error isn,t related to my code because the ‘‘Package’’ block’s output has an error too like below ( i didn,t change it ) :

any help hint?

Hi, @hmdsmit.

Could you try updating the notebook?

Sorry for the inconvenience :frowning:

Yes, you need an update, but you may have already done that. The key point is that it looks like you neglected to delete all the python utility files, so that you got a new notebook but it no longer matches the public_tests.py and dlai_tools.py files. The “get latest version” procedure will only replace missing files, so you need to rename the notebook (to save your work), but delete all the “dot py” files in order to get fresh copies of everything.

This point is covered in the very last section of the link that @nramon gave you: you need to read it all the way to the end. :nerd_face: