I cannot be able add my data points by clicking on the plots

Hello there. I have a problem with the labs. As I understood in course videos in some labs such as: optional lab: overfitting in week 3, we can add data points or change the curve just by clicking on the plots. Unfortunately my labs have no this opportunity. All the labs are frizzed and I cannot use this property. Do you know how can I use this property?

Are you using the Coursera Labs environment?

yes I am using the Coursera Labs environment

I just tested that lab, and it looks like it’s working OK. When I clicked in the lab, I could add points, change the degree, run the “fit data” button, and select regression/classification.

If these aren’t working for you, check whether you have a browser setting that prevents the interaction. Maybe look for popup-blockers, etc.

What OS and browser are you using? I’m using Win10 and Chrome without problems.