C1_W3_Lab01 can't run plt_one_addpt_onclick


When I tried the Optional Lab of C1_W3_Lab01_Classification on the Jupyter Notebook on Coursera, instead of showing the “Run Linear Regression” button, to let me find the best linear regression model, it simply show:

“Canvas(toolbar=Toolbar(toolitems=[(‘Home’, ‘Reset original view’, ‘home’, ‘home’), (‘Back’, 'Back to previous …”

in the block of code of :
w_in = np.zeros((1))
b_in = 0
addpt = plt_one_addpt_onclick( x_train,y_train, w_in, b_in, logistic=False)

anyone, got this problem? I even try to copy the files to run on my DataSpell on my Mac M1 notebook, it show the applet, but, I can’t click or do anything interactive with it. It just show the initial stage of it. How to fix it?


This is due to an incompatibility in your browser, or some ad or pop-up blocker you’re running.

This problem is not unusual if you’re using a Mac. For example, Safari is not recommended for Coursera’s content.

Perhaps try an anonymous (or private) browser session, or disable as many of your browser add-ons as possible.