I designed a ML model that detects AI-generated faces

Hello DeepLearning Community,

this project is a milestone for me on my ML learning journey. I’ve designed a model to detect AI generated faces and developed a tool called DeeFace from it for other people to use: deefaces.com

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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Congratulations on achieving such an important milestone in your journey with machine learning! It is really amazing that you were able to make a model to find AI-generated faces and a tool like DeeFace to share your work with other people. This project sounds like it took a lot of work and time from you. How has the process gone for you?

Wrong prediction!

Hi @amalbabu , thanks so much for your interest in checking out my tool!

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. But one thing about this tool tho, is that it works best when the image is square, and the face is completely in the cropped image (there’s a section about this on the page, but since a lot of users have also skipped it, I’ll try to make this section clearer in the future).

I’m currently working on enhancing the performance of this model, as well as an auto-cropper so that the user doesn’t need to crop the image manually every time. Hope you will also be there to test this tool again when all these updates are done!

Hi @Ahmad92, thanks a lot!

This project took a lot of effort to build, but it was worth every bit of it. 1. I was able to build a model that applies in the real world, and learnt more about ML along the way, 2. talked to a lot of same-minded people and shared my project with them, 3. encountered “the void” when trying to build an audience for my tool when I was practically invisible on the internet, but things have started to work out!

Really impressive! Just started to learn ML.

This would actually help were so many ai generated fake videos are spreading, can your tool detected even that too, I mean can your tool detect if a fake actress face is used to create a fake video?

Thats cool bro
Just asking , how much time did it take you to build a project of this scale ?

Keep going! It’s gonna be a fun journey for sure

So far I’ve only designed my model to detect images, so technically we can take a screenshot of the face in the video, and then detect that screenshot. I’ve tried this with a video of Taylor Swift teaching math, and it seems to work fine.

I might try to expand this to detecting videos in the future though, would be a really cool thing to do

You should try multimodal lmms were video, image and text are used in pretext you are talking about. It would really be a good one.

Best wishes


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Thanks a lot for your suggestion! I’m also trying to learn ML with videos as input. Hopefully, I’ll understand what you’re suggesting soon :smiley:

Check the latest short course building multimodel search and RAG. You should be able to get it instantly.

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Thanks so much for this, I’m checking it out right now, so excited!

Sorry I didn’t see your comment right there :sweat_smile:

It took me almost a month to complete this website, but it was surprisingly the API hosting and web development that took most of that time (since I was inexperienced in this area, and getting that cropper functionality to work also took quite some time)

The ML part took me only a couple of days actually, since I’ve done many similar projects before, so I was about to come up with the effective data pipeline and the model architecture fairly quickly.

Currently, I’m learning Javascript and its frameworks to develop a better and more serious project, as well as learning multimodel search and RAG thanks to @Deepti_Prasad’s suggestion to hopefully achieve more with this model :cowboy_hat_face:

Will update more about this project :grin:

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I don’t know if you know this or not, something which you have created could be a great model and investor would look forward to it as there are some governments who are creating laws to prevent AI-generated fake videos. So keep working on it, get as much accuracy you could, then try on video, image and text generated data and showcase your model. Wish you all the best @CheeseCheddar


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Cool to see an application like this . Did you open source it or ? Thanks

Goog job ! I’m interested to know how did you do for the front part and the hosting ?

Indeed, I also plan on improving the model as much as possible for it to be good enough for production settings.

Thanks so much for your advice and your kind words, @Deepti_Prasad!

Unfortunately I didn’t open source this project, since I’m may want to grow this into a SaaS in the future.