Need help in creating a model which will be trained to Identify UI elements on web applications

Hi All,

It is a pleasure to be in this community and to see so many AI related projects. I have completed my PG Diploma in AI ML from Upgrad, but I am not still confident use the learnings, feel really ashamed.

I am very much interested in build something amazing but I am stuck right now. I am kind of trying to build a Model which can take an image of web page and it should be retrieving the list of all UI elements present in that image in a certain format which will be helpful to me.

This model will be a part of a bigger project that i want to build, so any guidance here will be of great help.

Thanks in advance,
Srinivas P

Hello @spotnuru
Are you looking forward to training the model from scratch? I would suggest you check out/try to reverse engineer this open-source project to build up your confidence though the project is using GPT-Vision API:

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