I got this error in my lab although i passed all test cases

Comment line with index: UNQ_C2 wasn’t found in code

Would you happen to accidentally remove the line # UNQ_C2 in the code block while editing the code?

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yes i dont remember what it was just re did the entire assignment now its seems to be fine ;-;
was a pain though

Hey , i’m getting the same error
And i also re did it but the same error occurs

Hello @Neha_Tyagi! Welcome!

There are 2 provided and compulsory lines on top of each exercise function. For example, for course 2 week 4 assignment’s exercise 2, those 2 lines are like:

Screenshot from 2022-10-04 09-38-39

The first line is the exercise’s code, whereas the second talks about the name of the exercise function. Please add them back if they are missing for your exercise function.

By the way, I am closing this thread. Please open a new thread for your new question or follow-up.