I keep getting 0/100, my codes are correct tho

[code removed - moderator]

Please remove this cell after def train_mnist

[6] callbacks = ...

There’s also more code in the notebook in section Need more help?.
Don’t remove it.

Do share the grader feedback if your submission doesn’t pass.

how can i share it?
Im still getting 0

[code removed - moderator]

Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

@Ahmad-Mustafa Please don’t load the dataset inside def train_mnist(x_train, y_train) when they are provided as function parameters. Fit the model using x_train and y_train.

i see
ty for this notice
but still 0/100

this is my code

[code removed - moderator]

Remove this print statement:

print('Done at',epoch + 1,'th try')

I did but still 0/100

Please reply with the last submitted notebook and screenshot of the grader feedback.

[code removed - moderator]

i still dont know why im getting 0/100

[code removed - moderator]

Don’t post your code in public. Send it via direct message please.

ok, so should i delete all the codes i’ve uploaded here?

I’ve already cleaned up code on this post. Moving forward, message code only to a mentor who contacts you.

Im still getting 0/100 for no reason
I have only 3 days left to pass this assignment

There’s no point in submitting again when I’ve told you that the staff are looking into this.

and the deadline? it end sat Jun 12, 11:59 PM PDT

should i start with week 3?

Go ahead with week 3.

Hi @Ahmad-Mustafa, it looks like your notebook is missing some metadata necessary for grading. I don’t know how it got deleted but you can restore it by getting a fresh copy of the assignment. To do this perform these steps:

  • Click in the jupyter logo in the upper left corner of the screen. This will take you to the jupyter filesystem.
  • Here, download your notebook so you don’t lose any progress.
  • After downloading the nb, delete it.
  • Then click on Help and Get Latest Version
  • Copy and paste your code into this blank assignment and save it before submitting.

Let us know if this solves you issue! :slight_smile: