I need a mentor to help me through the course

i need a mentor to help me through the course i really frustrating in the courses when i finish a module i cant solve the assignments by myself

Where are you stuck in particular? Were parts of the lessons or concepts unclear? If so, feel free to bring them up so that we can discuss them with you, @Areej_Sa.

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There are mentors here on the forums and we can help you with specific questions, as we have been doing or trying anyway. But it sounds like you are asking for something a bit more like a tutor to work through everything with you. The thing about the mentors on the forums here is that we are volunteers. We are just fellow students who have completed the courses and enjoy helping by answering questions, but we don’t get paid to do this. You may get lucky and find someone who is willing to do something more like personal tutoring, so it doesn’t hurt to ask and maybe someone will contact you privately by DM or the like. Or maybe for that kind of thing, it would work better in person. Do you have any school friends who are already experienced in programming or AI?

If you find that you listen to the lectures, but then are having a lot of trouble with the assignments, I would first ask for more information about your background. Where are you in school and how much background do you have in math? E.g. have you taken the equivalent of secondary school level courses in geometry, algebra and trigonometry? You’ll also need to know at least the basics of Linear Algebra to succeed here. Of course M4ML teaches that as well. Do you have any programming experience? If not, you need to think about taking an “intro to python” course first.

Then I’d also ask other questions about your methodology for listening to the lectures. Everyone has a hard time with “attention” in our current environment. To give yourself the best chance of understanding, you have to create a good environment for concentration by eliminating distractions. Also if something goes by that you don’t understand the first time, just back up the video and listen again. That’s actually one way in which online learning is better than “in person”. The key point is that everything in math and programming is cumulative in the sense that the next thing you want to learn depends on all the stuff that came before. Once you miss or skip something, it just gets harder and harder to continue. When something goes by that you don’t understand, it’s not a good approach to just keep going and assume it doesn’t matter.

Just some thoughts that I hope will be relevant.