I need Partner for Practice and Discuss Lab and Quizez

Hello Everyone,

I have enrolled in the ML Specialization Course and I am totally a beginner in this field. I need a friend for motivation and to practice lab and quizzes with my AI friends. Please let’s connect with each other.

Hi Mumair10
Perhaps you could put your request in the ML Specialization course board because you’ve put it into the General Discussion one. Check the link here:

I moved the thread to the Week 1 forum area, because “MLS Resources” wasn’t a good fit for this request.

Hi, MUmair10 , Hope you are doing well I am also looking for Friend to practice.

Let’s connect with each other

Hi Ranjot, We can connect

Yes , which medium do you prefer?


Prefer over whatsapp, share your no, will ping you. Do sare your linkedin profile?

My WhatsApp number is 7888606878

bro i to new to ml can i join in whatsapp

Y,not… lets create a group

MR.MUmair I m also looking friend for practise because I m stuck in week 2 practical lab can u help me in it

Hey @Quratulain_Nadeem, i am also new in this field you can connect with me, we can discuss each lab https://www.linkedin.com/in/tubamouqeem/

@MUmair10 I am also a beginner you can connect with me

ok Tuba I have connected u on Linkedin So,u can accept my invitation.

@vidya1 @Ranjot_Singh @Saideep_pitta @Quratulain_Nadeem @Tuba_Mouqeem

Thanks for showing interest in my discussion. I was a bit busy with my Mid Term Exam. I would like you and other members to join the WhatsApp group for an on-time discussion.

you are welcome, sure

@Quratulain_Nadeem I haven’t received any invitation yet