Looking for a study partner/group

Hello, I just started the second week of machine learning specialization’s second course, advanced learning algorithms. I am a second year Computer Science student.

I am looking for people who will share my learning process on machine and deep learning. I leave my contact information here. Please feel free to contact.

LinkedIn: https://tr.linkedin.com/in/ömer-faruk-geysoğlu-885516179

Discord: ogeysoglu#8454

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You might find this thread useful:


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Hey fellas, I just started the first week of the Machine Learning Specialization’s first course, Supervised ML: Regression and Classification. I am a third-year Computer and Data Engineering student.

I want to connect to people starting their ML and deep learning journey on this platform. I leave my contact information here. Please feel free to contact me :wink:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/achint-singh-singh-644539244/
Instagram: Achint Singh (@_a.c.h.i.n.t_) • Instagram photos and videos

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Hi I also started the first week ,Supervised ML:Regression and Classification.I am a second-year computer science student.
Lets connect:
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdulrehman-asghar-985366231/

@TMosh, Could you please maybe consider closing @ogeysoglu’s thread, as there is already another thread on the same topic ?

Sure, I can close it.

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