I passed all tests but I get grade 0/100

For Week 5. I get this:
Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AssertionError(‘You must return a numpy ndarray’)
I passed all tests!


Passing all the tests does not mean your code is perfect. The unit tests do not catch all possible errors.

Somewhere in your code, you’re not returning the expected array type.

The feedback is too vague. I checked my code. I cannot find the error. All tests are passed. Can someone help me? I Get 0/100.

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I solved my issue. Please, notice I did not have an error in my code. I checked a post that says the grader won’t grade a copy of any of the notebooks. This type of feedback would be helpful for future questions.

6. The grader won’t grade a copy of any of the notebooks

You can use the “File → Make a copy” command in a notebook to make as many copies as you want. Even if the copy contains a “Submit Assignment” button, it is very important to be aware of how the grader works: if you click “Submit Assignment” in any copy of the given assignment notebook, it actually grades only the notebook that is the target of the “Open Notebook” link for that assignment. If you want to get the code in a copy of the notebook graded, you need to rename it to be the “standard” name of the current version of the notebook for that assignment.

you should save manually every cell one by one and wait until (unsaved changes) changed to (autosaved) .

after you have finished all the cells successfully , you can submit your assignment .

I have this issue too - how do I manually save each cell separately?

I had a similar problem but fortunately managed to solved it by changing a global variable parameter name of the given code. I’m sharing it in case someone pass through the same…

My score was 0/100 and had the following error:
Cell #6. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: TypeError(‘Keyword argument not understood:’, ‘activatiaon’)

I solved it by correcting ‘activatiaon’ to ‘activation’ in the densor2 parameters.