Practice Programming Assignment: Python Basics with Numpy


Can anyone help me? I’m done with this assignment. I tried running each exercise cell and it says “All test passed”. Then, I tried to validate it and it also says “All tests passed” but when i submitted the assignment, I got graded 50/100 which is not enough.

I checked the grades tab and the comment says "Tests failed on 4 cell(s)! These tests could be hidden. Please check your submission. I checked and tried running everything again, each exercise says all test passed and then I hit the validate button and it says the same thing but still got graded 50/100. What could i be doing wrong? Please help.

Thank you so much

The problem is that your notebook code does not pass all of the tests that the grader uses.

These are different tests than the ones built-into the notebook.

Unfortunately, the grader is not very helpful for debugging the problems.

The first thing to do is, look at the code you wrote, and see if you are doing this common errors:

  • Using a fixed-value constant where you should be using a variable.
  • Using a global variable where you should be using a local variable that is passed to a function as a parameter.
  • Modified any of the code outside of the “YOUR CODE HERE” sections.
  • Adding new cells
  • Deleting any cells.
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I’ve had the same error, fixing it was simple though. It was an error on my end, that was a problem in the code itself. Which was a sigmoid (parenthesis in image is right) error that I ignored because it labeled as “Passed this test and the one past it”.


Although it was one error and every other cell passed (should be more than 80%), I received a 0% due to this one mistake.
Hope this helped.

If you have an error in your code that makes the grader crash, then it can’t complete giving you a grade, and it gives 0 points.

But if your code just gives an incorrect result without crashing the grader, then you might get partial credit.

Thank you so much for this. Will look for these mistakes in my code.

Oh I see. Thank you so much. Will look for mistakes like this too.