I want to know about Langchain

I want to know about langchain . How it works . For Langchain , What should I learn .

I know the basics of AI Like supervised machine and unsupervised machine learning .

If you are even not sure what supervised and unsuprvised, I’d suggest you first learn the foundation knowledge. Machine Learning Specialization by Prof. Ng is a good start. Then, Deep Learning Specialization.

Learn the foundation first, don’t be one in llm rat race. Nothing makes sense if you don’t have the foundation.

LangChain is a framework to work with LLMs. There are a couple of short courses on DeepLearning.ai that will help you get started.
I would recommend going through below in this order:

  1. LangChain for LLM Application Development - DeepLearning.AI
  2. LangChain: Chat with Your Data - DeepLearning.AI