If anyone can help on this pls thanks

Continuing the discussion from Word to vec complete_analogy:

I believe you posted multiple copies of that same question in different threads.

There is little benefit in posting a new thread that just points to another thread.

but no any one of them got replied

Maybe that’s why posting multiple copies of a message is a bad idea. You can lose track of which ones people chose to pay attention to.

Often posts with multiple copies seem to be ignored entirely.

The most sure way to get a reply to a question is to 1) first search the forum for previous discussions, and then 2) start a new thread if your question is still unanswered.

that why this new thread here is , if you can help please thanks

This thread just points to another thread, which was last used 10 months ago. The people who used that thread are no longer watching it.

I replied to one of your other copies of that question.