Image_segmentation_Unet_v2 submission

Hello there,

I have finished the exercise and I am getting all tests ‘passed’. However, every time I am submitting the work, I am getting Zero.

I have tried the recommended way for submission from the course, but still it didnt work.

Any help plz.

What exactly to you mean by “tried the recommended way”?

I have the same problem. All test passed for all steps but grading is only 66/100 when there is obviously nothing wrong. I tried clicking on Kernel in Jupiter notebook to clear or outputs as they advice then resubmit to no avail. It is complaining about third instance of U_net3 being incorrect and it isn’t. What am I supposed to do to get my grade right?

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I mean, … to clear all outputs

Finally it worked. I had to restore the value N=2 in cell nb 3. I was playing with the input number and forgot to restore it.

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