Submit Assignment 2 Image_segmentation_Unet_v1

I pass all tests within the assignment notebook but when submitting I get 0/100. I have followed the steps outlined in “Clear Output Before Submitting (For U-Net Assignment)” but after trying 5 times I still get 0/100. The grader outputs all contain the same error message, ending with:

[ValidateApp | ERROR] nbgrader encountered a fatal error while trying to validate ‘submitted/courseraLearner/W3A2/Image_segmentation_Unet_v1.ipynb’

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Hi olofssonjon, I am having the same issue, in my case I’ve submitted the assignment more than 10 times with the same result.

We are having trouble at the backend. This could take a while to fix. We apologise for the inconvenience. I’ll keep you guys posted.

I’m planning to finish the deep learning specialization within the next week. If this problem is not fixed by then, will I get debited anyway?

Hopefully this will get fixed soon, a lot sooner than next week.

Please frequently check this post regarding the update: Course 4 Assignment Submission Issues

I am still having issues with grading of the assignment. It says all tests passed, for all the graded functions, I followed the steps laid out in the special instructions for this particular assignment as follows:

  1. P​ress Kernel → Restart & Clear Output
  2. P​ress File → Save and Checkpoint

But still when i submit it gives me a 0 score. Please refer to the screen shot below and let me know if i need to correct anything before re submitting.

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Hey @Sukhdeep2006 save your previous work on your local machine or rename the file, and then fetch a fresh copy of the assignment using “Help” on the top right. Fill it using your prior solutions.

Try that and let me know if it doesn’t work.

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Hi @Mubsi, this was helpful. I am able to submit and get graded for this assignment now. Thanks.

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maybe your notebook cant automatically save your changes you’ve made because of your poor connection.

you can wait enough to (hours i guess) until it save

or should save manually every cell one by one and wait until (unsaved changes) changed to (autosaved) .

after you have finished all the cells successfully , you can submit your assignment