Image segmentation with U-net : grade not updating

The final assignment of Week 3 in Course 4 is not updating although I have a full grade :

Try clicking the “Next” button, and then wait some time for the status to update.
It can take quite a while.

Hi @ahmed_El_Fazouani,

This is something that has been happening lately in DLS C4 with other learners as well.

I have requested Coursera to take a look if it’s a bug or something.

In the meanwhile, I’d recommend follow what @TMosh has suggested. And if it still doesn’t work, you can contact someone from Coursera via the chat, and let the agent know that you have completed the assignment by sharing a screenshot or something with them. This is how the other learners have been resolving this issue.


Thanks, it wa solved after contacting Coursera via the chat