Incomplete answers in week 1 quiz

My week 1 quiz reflects incomplete answers as options. Am unable to select right ans as they are either truncated or repeated.

See screen shots:

Need help pls! I am using Coursera app on iPad. Thank you in advance! @GordonRobinson @edwardyu

The Coursrea app sometimes has problems rendering the LaTeX math notation.
Try using a web browser instead of the app.
That might fix it.

As @TMosh says, this looks to be a problem that the LaTeX is not being correctly rendered.
I’ll raise this issue with the staff to see if there is a general fix, if not immediately then for the future.

If you were using a browser and have this problem, I’d suggest you clear your cache, clear your cookies, or try another browser.

But I have no advice for the App except to avoid using it.

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Thank you all! it works now