W3_Quiz_Facing problems in one of the questions

My answers are correct but the system is giving incorrect result. May you please look into it?

Hey @Md_Amir_Shohail,
Apologies for the inconvenience. This is actually a software bug faced my many learners. The Coursera team is working on it. You can check this thread out for reference.


Hi @Elemento , the thread you link to is for a different quiz and is about images not being shown.

The problem in this case (C5 W3 quiz) seems to be that the correct answer is graded as incorrect. Specifically here is the grader output which marks this answer as incorrect:

However, according to the course slides, it is in fact correct:

Hey @Izak_van_Zyl_Marais,
Apologies for the delayed response. If you scroll down the threat, you will find this reply to be posted by one of the mentors. Anyways, I believe this issue would have been corrected by now. If not, please do let me know and I will make sure to forward it.