Week 3 quiz "glitch"

Is anyone else having issues with this quiz - im getting questions incorrect despite the grader telling me the answer is the same as the one i chose - odd i’ll be retaking in 4 hours once it unlocks but getting stymied with a glitch to a degree im certain - its made me second guess myself -i kind of thought this week was the easiest compared with the rest of the specialization -i dont want to move to week 4 with a 50 on this quiz so ill take in the lectures again to make sure i got all the lessons - if there is a problem technically it would be good to know

I’m not aware of any reports of issues with the grader for this quiz.

Well it had at least one glitch - occurred on a true or false this time - I re-read it 4 times to not embarrass myself for speaking up - ill retake and let you know if it happens again. Thanks who knows maybe im reading this incorrectly ive got a screenshot ill package it with next example if it recurs otherwise ill just move on

Hi @Paul_katz,

Yes, please share the screenshot of what you are talking about. I’d be happy to take a look at this and correct things if needed.

But there’s no glitch that we know of, nor have other learners reported anything.


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