Can't take the quiz

Hello I have not been able to take the quiz since Monday it shows:

I have submitted and clicked retry and waited 24 hours still wouldn’t let me do it.
Can anyone help? Thanks.

This quiz is the Sequence Models Week 3.

Thanks for your report. This is a known issue. The course staff is looking into it.
We don’t have any work-arounds at this time.

Hi my subscriptoin expires 9/1, as you can see I am one assignment away from completing the program. Is there anyway I can get credit for this quiz to avoid paying another $49 just to finish this one quiz?
Please let me know, thanks.

The mentors cannot give automatic credit for a quiz.

You can try to contact the Coursera Help Center, explain that the course quiz is broken, and ask them to extend your subscription.

OK got it thanks.

Another thread on this topic says Coursera is aware of the issue, and they are working to fix it. There’s no reliable estimate on how long it will take.

I contacted cousera about it and they won’t give me an extension on my subscription. They say to wait 14 days. I know $49 is not a big deal but it just doesn’t feel right.
Anyhow we’ll see.

Thanks @TMosh for bringing this to my attention.

Hi @Qingyang_Li,

Kindly send me the email you use for Coursera as a direct message. Also mention the name of the course and the week# of the quiz.

You can send me a direct message by clicking on my display image.


I am facing the same problem. Please help.

Hi all,

Please follow this post for updates regarding this issue.


having a similar issue

If it’s the quiz timing-out, check your computer’s clock and time zone.

If it’s something else, please post a screen capture image.