DLS Quizzes: Timer Issue (1 Sep 2023)

Deep Learning Specialisation Quiz Timer Issue

Hi all DLS learners,

(Update: 5 September 2023)

We have been informed that this issue has been fixed. You all should be able to attempt the quizzes now. If you still come across the same issue.

We thank you again for your patience.

(Update: 2 September 2023)

Thank you all for your patience. Unfortunately, the issue is still there and as you all understand, since it is the weekend now, it would be resolved next week.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

(1 September 2023)

We are aware that some of you are facing the error “The time allotted has expired, please submit” in the quizzes for DLS, which stops you from attempting them.

Coursera has been informed of this and they are working on resolving this issue. We shall inform you here once this is resolved.

Please follow this post for updates on this issue.

Thank you for being patient,
DeepLearning.AI QA Team


Hello Mubsi,

Thanks for assisting us with this. However, my quiz is still having the same issue. I lost memory here. haha!

Hi @Hariaz,

Thanks for letting me know. Let me raise this to the concern party again.

Hi @Hariaz,

I have been told that you should submit the quiz as it is and when you’ll attempt the quiz again, everything would have reset.

Additionally, before trying that, I’d ask you to first log out, clear history and log in again.

Do that and let me know.


All working now, thanks!

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Hi. I am trying to resume my Quiz (Week 1 of Neural Networks and Deep Learning), but I have the issue of “Time alloted expired, please submit”. I greatly appreciate if you could help me with this.

Thank you. I checked the last post, and effectively, I could resume by eliminating history, submitting, and then trying again.

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Hello Mubsi,

I did what you have instructed. I was able to continue the quiz. Thanks! However, I have a new concern, I retook the quiz for this one Convolutional neural networks Week 4 after its cooldown ( 24hrs) and I encountered an error, the quiz is not validating my some of my answers. Saying, ‘you answered when the time elapsed’. I can share with you screen shot images but for the tools to do it, I can’t find it available.

Hi @Hariaz,

Do the same steps again and let me know.

Other learners also faced the “you answered when the time elapsed” error after the initial error of the time.

Following those steps helped them get rid of it.



Thanks for your help. But, my quiz is still having the same issue.

Best regards,

Hi @Martin_Wisniewski,

Please do the following.

@Mubsi Hello, I also have the same error of “answered after time is done” and i had 40 mins more and i cleared history/cache…
this is super annoying… without this issue i would have passed the quiz and i dont have anymore attempts today