Timer Issue. Again

Hello! I’m getting timer-related errors (from this topic) again, but slightly different. It looks like this: I complete all the tasks in order (which is important), submit my work, and in response, I receive “You answered when the time elapsed” for some of the answers. For example:
3. OK
4. OK
5. You answered when the time elapsed.
6. OK

I’ve mentioned before that I complete the tasks in order, so it’s strange that the time expired for task 3 while task 4, which I completed later, was accepted.

Coursera has been having significant issues with their quiz and programming assignment graders recently.

Do you have a guess (in 10’s of minutes) as to how long it was between when you opened the quiz and when you submitted it for grading?

This wasn’t my first attempt, so I think I managed to do it in less than 10 minutes and 100% less than timer limit

Hi @jekagolovko,

Kindly do the following.

  • Submit your quiz as it is.
  • Before attempting it again, log out of coursera, clear your history and then log in again. Alternatively, you can try to attempt the quiz in private browsing.

If the issue remains, let me know.


I re-logged into the account and, within 3 attempts didn’t encounter this message. It seems to have helped, but 3 attempts are too few to say for sure whether this recommendations is helping or not. I’ll write if I notice it again.