DLS issues still here,Who can actually solve the problem?

hello every expert

I still can’t understand it is a huge issue or very hard to solve for your team???
so long time(over 15 days) no use answer and solution? I don’t know if I can study continually?
reading record can’t update, program practice neither? please tell me how can I study well and continue?

thank you every expert

Hi @kris, we are very sorry to hear that your learning experience has not been a pleasant one so far. Could you tell me what problem(s) you are facing so I could help you accordingly ? Thanks.

If you find yourself in the old version of the course still, contact Coursera Help Center and specifically ask them to “un-enroll you from the course and then enroll you back in it”. This will give you the updated course. Hope this helps.

hello sir
I am so sorry about my worlds, but I still can’t find the submission button, i try to every ways from your team,but it doesn’t work , and I communicate with coursera help center, the CS told me that she has already told engineer(15 days ago), until now I have no answer about that
I don’t understand that just my class has this issue? just I can’t solve? I report so many pictures and words, I don’t know why so long time I can’t update my program practice

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