Course 1 week 1: Question 5 does not show images in multiple choice answers

Using both Chrome and Firefox the pictures in question 5(Which option depicts sigmoid function) are not shown.

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Your local area network probably may be the reason in this case. Close the window, and launch the quiz again in Google Chrome. If that’s not the case, the flash player in your system isn’t updated. Get the windows update and hopefully the problem would be resolved.

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I get the same issue - all other renders aswell. So, I don’t think it is a single issue.

Also, i can add that I have had multiple bugs in my quizzes.

Sorry, folks. There is a software issue that is not always assigning the proper answers to questions. Thanks for reporting.

The team has raised the issue with Coursera. Please standby for updates.



I have the same problem with question 5, please see the screwenshot below:

When will you fix this issue?

Please let me know, thanks, best regards,

Stefano Castiglione

Hi Ken, could you please give a look to my post below?