Week 2 Optional Exercise

I am facing a problem in the Choice of Learning rate exercise of C-1 Week 2’s Programming Assignment.

The problem is that I haven’t touched the code in that exercise, and I am still not getting any output (any data/visualization in the plot). I have attached the image of what output I am getting, and I would appreciate any help to help me understand what I can do better or how I can resolve this.

Thank you!

Interesting. One possibility is that it is a browser problem of some sort, e.g. that you don’t have all the plug-ins that are required. What browser and OS are you using? The ones that are most likely to work are Chrome and Firefox, since those are the ones that the deeplearning.ai team uses for most of their testing. A number of folks have reported issues using Safari on MacOS or whatever the current Windows default browser is.

I’m using the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10, and it’s still not working.
Maybe the problem might be with the plug-ins? What plug-ins do you suggest to add?

I don’t know. I can think of two things to try:

  1. Watch carefully as the notebook first loads and see if you see any error messages. Or when you click “Shift-Enter” to run the cell that does the plot.

  2. Just try Firefox instead and see if it behaves differently.