W1_Quiz_Images not showing up

Hi, as I was taking the quizzes for week 1, I realized that all images were missing for all the quizzes.

Is there a way to fix this?


Hi @Marcia_Ma ,
Which browser are you using? There are a few ways to resolve the issue:

  • Use Another Browser or Update Chrome
  • Clear Browser’s Cache and Cookie Data
  • Give the site permission to display images

Let me know if it fix the issue

Hi @Th_o_Vy_Le_Nguy_n , thank you so much for the solutions. I am currently using Chrome and it’s up-to-date. However, I have tries the other two methods but the images are still not displayed:(


Hi @Marcia_Ma
I have forwarded your question to other mentors from DLS course to check if the images are corrupted. In the meantime, you can try to reset Chrome or use other browsers (Firefox, and Brave are working fine)

HI @Marcia_Ma
Your local area network probably may be the reason in this case. Close the window, and launch the quiz again in Google Chrome. If that’s not the case, the flash player in your system isn’t updated. Get the windows update and hopefully the problem would be resolved.

Also make sure from your local PC time

tell us what happened after make sure from these notes


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Very well said Mentor AbdelRehman.

Nguy, this error is caused as your windows flash player is not updated. Once you update it, restart your pc and then launch the quiz again.