Incomplete C3_W1 Notes

Hello, I can see that slides/notes for course 3 of the specialization are available on coursera. However, slides of week1 of this course are incomplete. The slides only has content until the video “Birthday Problem”.
Please provide the remaining slides on the Bayes theorem and Probability Distributions topic.

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I believe the slides were updated this morning. See the Resources area for M4ML on Discourse.

Hello, I have checked at M4ML Course 3: Probability & Statistics for Machine Learning & Data Science

The course slides are incomplete. These slides are the same as the ones available on Coursera except that they are compressed in size.

Week1 slides do not include anything after the “birthday problem” lecture.

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Thanks for the information.

Hi all!

I’m sorry about the slides, it was an error in when we were splitting them. I have fixed them now. Both here in Discourse and in Coursera.


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