Incorrect assignmet for the course 2 week 1?

I started week 1 course 2 from NLP specialization. I did first course in the past. But the very first week material talks only about edit distance and assignment quiz just has mostly questions related to CBOW, embedding and stuff not explained in this course. Is this expected? Or is something broken?

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Hey, word embedding is in the final week of the course, and most of the course deals with different probabilistic models used for NLP

I think you’re referring to the practice quiz, not the assignment, but yeah I think people are agreeing in this thread that they’ve incorrectly linked the quiz for Week 4 in our Week 1 lecture :sweat_smile:

Oh, thanks, I’ll bring that up with the team.

By today it is 16 days since it was posted. But opening it today is showing the same irrelevant practice quiz. I am sure I will not get grade if I skip it. Any advise? Will it be corrected?

This is still an issue

I have the same issue with the week one practice quiz.

I have the same issue and the discussion forum on coursera filled with this issue

The issue is still there and haven’t been solved yet

Hello everyone ! still facing the same problem with the quiz

I have informed people at the backend that this is still an issue that needs to be solved with high priority @Mubsi

That’s on my agenda for the week. Will work on it.

Hello. This still seems to be a problem for me.