Interactive figures of the labs are not showing

Week 3 Lab-01, in the jupyter notebook of the labs, all the codes run fine but the interactive figures are not showing only some text is showing instead of the figures (marked in the attached figure).
What is the reason

of this situation? please help me out.

What browser are you using?

Restart the lab by clicking on ‘Open Lab’ button again or refresh the page if you are using chrome

I am using chrome. I have also tried with Edge, but same problem

I have tried restarting the lab by clicking on ‘Open Lab’ button again and refreshing the page. Same problem exists.

Here are a couple of other ideas:

  • Do you have a pop-up blocker or ad filter? If so, try disabling it on this page.
  • Or try to access the notebook using an anonymous browser session.
  • You could try restarting the server.