Interesting finding: Data Analysis Process and Oolong Tea production Process

Hello Data enthusiasts,

Do you like drinking tea?
Last night I came up with an interesting idea:
The data analysis process consisting of 6 steps, to some extent, is like the Oolong tea production process.
Here share with you my brief explanation.

In a big picture, the data analysis is a dynamic, comprehensive and scientific process. The six different data analysis phases are, to some extent, like the making of the Oolong tea.

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Likewise, plucking the fresh tea buds in the green fields is the first touch on the problem; later, outdoor and indoor withering in the warehouse help organize and clean the collection; after the previous preparations and management, it goes to the most important part Pan-firing which differentiates the Oolong tea from other types of tea — structure, synthesize and characterize the collected data using technical tools in a meticulous manner. To continue, the rolling step shapes the processed and turns the findings into attractive and informative visuals which vividly showcasing the tea journey. Finally, the drying step is the right time to bear the fruit, that is, refining the essence, customizing the package and then delivering the most valuable to the target audience.
To sum up, every step is unique and important. Under certain circumstance, given the limit time, resource and people, data analysts may have to skip some steps though. However, the Analyse step is the core, which, plays an indispensable role throughout whole data analysis process. Without analysing the data, the process cannot be called a data analysis process, neither can data analysts really shine and achieve the goal with a closed loop.

What do you think?

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